Clamp it is a desktop organizer designed to eliminate the clutter by securing all the belongings in one spot. Unlike other desktop organizers, its ease of application turns this experience into a practical solution while making it a constant on the work surface.

Simply fill it in with office tools and clamp it, securing it on your desktop surface. Its mobility provides maximum efficiency to the user, who would not want to be fixated to just one work space.

It is labor saving at times you need to move from one work space to another, just by grabbing the whole ‘clamp it’ filled with necessary items and fastening it the new work surface.

Clamp-it design debuted at the Model Citizen Exhibition during New York Design Week (2010). In 2012, the piece was chosen to exhibit at Fun & Functional themed exhibition. The event was a collaboration of Knock Knock (LA based stationary company) and AMDC (American Design Club).

Walnut and Maple.