The Chopstick: Stick2gether

Elegant and playful…for all the foods we LoVe.

The ChOpstiCK:stick2gether is an eating utensil inspired by the elaborate ritual of a tradition that has been carried to our time without loosing its meaning. The time taken during this tangible ritual of using two simple sticks, creating the need for each other to complete the sequence of a movement which turn each bite into an elegant gesture. A silent gesture encourages the dynamics of togetherness. Two individual sticks simply ‘sticking 2gether’ and becoming one. The two-fingered movement creates a V shape that represents a part of LoVe, reminding us of the importance of relationships with or without the time apart.

The chopstick is a pair – made of different materials complimenting each other not only material-wise but also utilitarian-wise on the table setting. The heaviness of the metal and lightness of the wood balances each other. Simply, you pick up the chopstick and gently draw the wood from the metal. Chopstick is used by positioning the wood one between the middle finger and the thumb while the metal stick is placed on the forefinger and the thumb. Chopsticks are then maneuvered to grasp and pick up the foods we loVe. After being done and having them cleaned, the wood part slides so gently inside the hollow metal part. As it slides into, there creates an illusion of how togetherness forms a meaningful structure for a common action.

The piece was exhibited at NYC Gift Fair at “ A+: The Young Designer’s Platform” and  Talents at Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

Wood and Stainless Steel.